About this site

They say true power is the ability to control your mind—how you react to things.

About this site

Our world is full of noise.

Bombarded with responsibilities, distractions, life twists and turns, and endless demands on our attention (and lots of memes) finding peace can be a struggle.

Having the skill to stay balanced in this whirlwind becomes our greatest and most powerful asset.

A journey to stillness

Personally, I'm not trying to become Buddha or reach nirvana. (If I do, I'll let you know!) I just want to go on with life with a cool and controlled head. This is how you achieve great work and maximize happiness, without having to sit on a mountaintop.

A lesson learned

I used to drink the hustle culture Kool-Aid. I thought I could be a productivity machine if I made everything in my life efficient, drank tons of coffee, got little sleep, and relied on a stack of nootropics. But I burnt myself out. I learned, as I grew wiser, that relaxing and stillness are essential for productivity.

I have found that, foundationally, the teachings of stoic philosophy help me be at peace with things out of my control. When my mind gets overwhelmed, meditation and breathing exercises have been a significant lifeline.


My goal for this site is to become an oasis for relaxation and recharging. A collection of NSDR tracks and other goodies awaits. If you ever feel chaotic—come here and chill with us.

Big picture...

Ultimately, I want to spread awareness of mind-calming techniques and the importance of chilling the hell out.

In a world that never seems to slow down, we all need tools to help us find balance and serenity.